Gangsta (MANGA) #1: Review

If you’re interested in street-level and mob families this manga maybe for you.  I watched the anime version of Gangsta a couple of years ago when it first emerged on screens.  Nevertheless, I became sucked into the action and lost track of the storyline.  I purchased the Manga recently in order to gain a better understanding of what was going on. Gangsta is an action, … Continue reading Gangsta (MANGA) #1: Review

Marvel Comics: The Basics and a Very Brief History

Marvel comics is also an American comic book publishing company founded in 1939 by Martin Goodman. (1908-1992).  Marvel has many subsidiaries such as epic comics and Marvel UK. The Marvel Comic universe is full of different and distinct characters as well as universes.  Some of the most popular Marvel superheroes are Captain America (debuted in March 1941), Iron Man (March 1963) and Storm (May 1975). … Continue reading Marvel Comics: The Basics and a Very Brief History

DC Comics: The Basics and A Very Brief History

DC comics (Detective Comics) is an American comic book publishing company.  It  was established in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson (1890 – 1968).  DC comics has a lot of company imprints and company subsidiaries such as Vertigo, WildStorm and Zuda comics. DC is full of diverse and vibrant humans, heroes and villains, some more popular than others, like Superman, Batman (debuted May 1939) and Wonder Woman … Continue reading DC Comics: The Basics and A Very Brief History

Welcome to Graphic Articulation

Welcome to Graphic Articulation.  I put this blog together because I love comics, movies, television shows and anything within that realm.  More importantly, I love it when newbies join the comic book universe and come to me with questions.  So it’s a blog for those who want to know more about comics mainly.  Recently, comic books are constantly being revived into movies and more and … Continue reading Welcome to Graphic Articulation